Into The Wild Untamed – Tada Falls

Tada Falls, Andhra Pradesh
Tada Falls, Andhra Pradesh

Bestowing my walk a little lift in the monsoon, I made some iconic moments climbing the rocky terrains of Tada Falls in a tongue-tied company of 03 sweet South souls.

On this off the road voyage, as I was mounting the meandering way by the falls, calling for some real adventure for my broken knees, little did I know I would be a prey. An innocent prey.

As I was shaking with the shackles on the fallen trail, weaving a tapestry of beautiful images of nature nestled in a lush landscape regular & reluctant, I had a word. ‘It’s about inclusions.’


Out to quench my adrenaline drills, a preserved soul & a world unknown. 


One for the road, Tada Falls as I reminisce: A major throwback


Tada Falls is popularly called as Ubbalamudugu Falls by locals. The waterfall is located in the Chittoor district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh; around 90 km from Chennai and 45 km from Srikalahasti. Tada falls is located in the Siddulaiah Kona forest. Due to its association with Lord Shiva,  Maha Shivaratri is a common elaborate festival here.

How-To Reach

Regular bus service is available from Koyembedu, Chennai Station to Varadaiah Palem. One can hire a local taxi for 8 km to reach the base camp from there.


The frequency of trains is good from Chennai Central Station to Tada Station. The falls is roughly around 30 km from Tada Station.


& We

We kicked off at 6 AM from Chennai on a weekend. Myself and 03 friends

But we were bumped into a car and guided by Google Maps. It took us around 02 hours to reach Tada. Roughly, there is 10 KM drive from Tada downtown to the Tada Falls, that’s much more scenic- lush, surrounded by mountains and a majestic temple from nowhere- The Oneness Temple.



Entrance free – INR 25 per person

04 Wheeler- INR 200


From the entry point to the parking area, it is another 01 km drive. As it was Saturday, the falls were buzzed by the lousy traditional locals and Zoom cars. There are changing rooms available.


We parked and embarked on this self-guided hike. From the parking area, one has to cross a narrow bridge, a small stream, and further climb the trail. For the first few kilometers, it is an easy & straight path.


On the way, we had to cross the same stream at a higher level again. We asked for direction to people over there & commenced climbing the rocky terrain. Now, it was all halway. Listen to the cascading waterfall and make your way. Once you walk past the Shiva temple, there are no signboards to instruct.


It gets treacherous as the rocks are slippery because of small streams flowing. At some points, the rocks are steep, big and climbing can be really demanding & tricky.


The water is crystal clear, one can also swim. But over the weekends it gets lousy with locals in groups hanging around. We climbed another few km by the stream and rested for a while. Friends tricked to throw me in the stream here and managed to bruise my knees. Later, several failed attempts to toss each other in the water. It was fun. We laughed a little & hobnobbed.


Now, leaving a friend behind, who had already been on this journey for 04 times ere, we 03 headed for the top.

We started to descend around 01 pm and reached the base camp in an hour. The total trek is of around 10 km (up & down) in the rocky terrain & muddy patches and takes around 04 hours.



Visiting Hours- 8 AM to 04 PM

Wear shoes & carry less luggage,

Carry enough drinking water & light snacks,

Security is available at the parking lot, so nothing to worry about the vehicles

Avoid electronics,

Take a first aid box, if possible

Don’t travel alone

Be adventurous & fall once

Before heading to Tirupati, we had some spare time and visited the Pulicat Lake. It is second largest brackish water lake in India and around 50 km from Tada Falls. We spotted hundreds of flamingos here.


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